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For the most up-to-date pick-your-own crop information, check Orr’s
Harvest Hotline at 304-263-1168.


Orr’s Strawberries

Finished For Season! See you in 2017! 
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Orr’s Sweet Cherries

No PIck Your Own Cherries 2016-Froze Out!
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Orr’s Tart Cherries

No Pick Your Own Cherries 2016-Froze Out!
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Orr’s Blueberries

Orr’s Blueberries will be ready to pick around June 10th!
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Garden Vegetables

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Orr’s Black Raspberries

Orr’s Black Raspberries will be ready around June 25th!
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Orr’s Red Raspberries

Orr’s Red Raspberries are harvested at two times. An early crop in late June.  The second heavier crop is just beginning in late July and will last through September.
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Orr’s Flowers

Orr’s Flowers are ready to cut at the beginning of July  and last throughout the summer and into fall.
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Orr’s Blackberries

Orr’s Blackberries begin around July 25th and last through mid-September!
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Orr’s Table Grapes

Orr’s Grapes are ready for harvesting from August to late September.
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Orr’s Pumpkins

Orr’s Pumpkin Patch is open from September 10 through October 31.
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