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Flaming Fury


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White Lady



Sugar Giant



PF 5B Flamin' Fury the earliest of peach varieties. Moderately sized cling peach is usually ripe around July 4th!

Sentry: firm, semi-freestone variety that is an early maturing variety.

Red Haven: semi-freestone peach that is one of the most flavorful early varieties.

: a freestone peach with good color and flavor.

Bounty: high quality large freestone peach. It was developed in West Virginia by the USDA and is quickly becoming one of our most popular peaches.

Flaming Fury PF23: a firm, freestone peach. Large with good coloring and flavor.

Loring: large, firm, yellow fleshed freestone with attractive red color over a yellow ground color. Loring has been an important commercial peach variety for many years and is considered one of the best canning and freezing varieties.

Uncle John’s: a firm and moderately large peach. It has uniform coloring and high quality flavor. A customer favorite here!

Gloria: one of the sweetest peaches we’ve ever tasted! Gloria is a large, highly colored yellow fleshed freestone peach ripening just before Cresthaven. The fruit is very firm, low acid, with high sugar content and excellent dessert quality.

Cresthaven: a late-season freestone variety that offers good flavor and moderate to large size.

Redskin: the fruit is large, freestone, and yellow with deep red blush. A favorite for canning and freezing.

 Victoria: This variety is an attractive peach with less red color but good retesion of firmness and excellent late season flavor.



White Peaches


White Lady: a freestone white peach with beautiful reddish-pink skin on top of a cream/white background. This variety has a very sweet flavor and is moderately sized.

Sugar Giant: a large, freestone white peach. The white flesh is sweet and flavorful and the peach has good coloring.