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Send the Gift of Good Health
from Orr's Farm Market

Sending a gift from our orchard is a wonderful way to send friends and family a healthy treat! Our apple gift packs are a seasonal favorite and are available in quantities of 15 to 60 and you can choose from eight varieties. There is nothing better than opening a gift box full of fresh apples with their sweet scent and crisp taste. Click here to place your order and defer shipment until the date of your choice.

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New Products

Be sure to check out our latest products: Crabill's Pork, DeHaven's Grassfed Black Angus Beef, Four Season BBQ Sauce, Monastary Creamed Honey, and new flavors of Frontier Soups. 

Winter Baking

Winter is a great time of year to enjoy freshly baked pies, cookies, breads, and muffins. Also, we are still baking apple cider donuts until March 31st!




Fresh Citrus Available

A wide assortment of citrus lines our shelves. Navel oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and more. Cases and half cases available.

Orrs Homemade Products

Looking for that special jam or butter for your morning toast? Orr's has jams, butters, and syrups made with our own fruit. There's nothing better than pancakes drizzled with one of our berry syrups!